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And this is my Folk Art journey. I was born and raised in Nova Scotia and always had a love and fascination for Folk Art, especially from my home province. Over the years I collected pieces here and there until one day I realized I had an abundance of ducks and birds in my home. Clearly, Folk Art was in my DNA.

Professionally I have always worked in a creative field. As an advertising copywriter, Creative Director, agency owner, and Director of Marketing. I guess it was only a matter before my creative and curious mind intersected with my interest in Folk Art. 

So true to the art form, without any training, I decided to grab some scrap wood and my tools to see if I could transfer a concept from my head to a sketchbook, to a block of wood. 

This is my journey. 

Hello, I'm Stephen Brander 

My inspiration 

Growing up, my father (Darrell) was always tinkering and working on something. As a child, I believed that there was nothing he could not fix, repair or create. At his job at the Trenton Coal Fired generating station (Nova Scotia Power) his colleagues referred to him as "Fiddler" as he was always working on things and solving problems. Often in a creative way.

As he headed into retirement, he started a small blacksmith shop he called Fiddler's Forge. A fully functioning shop, complete with a coal forge, power hammer, anvil, and more, Fiddler's Forge became known for its decorative wrought iron creations. From gates to sculptures, candelabras to weather vanes, my father had an incredible combination of skill, creativity, and passion that he brought to every project. 

So when the idea for me to start my little shop, I knew I had to honour him by adopting the name "Fiddler" for my little venture. I hope that I can bring some of his creativity, problem-solving, and passion to my work as well. 


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Fiddler's Forge.jpg
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