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Number 21 (XXI) in the series. • Created October 2023

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Height: 7" (178 mm)  | Length: 5" (126 mm) | Width: 5.5" (140 mm)

Tired of bringing a big pot of chilli to the office? Or wondering how to spice things up (and get a good leg workout at the same time ) this Thanksgiving season.

We have you covered.

From the “what do you really mean when you say, ‘we’re having a friend for supper“ collection, and the “I’m out of summer savoury, will marjoram or oregano make a suitable substitute “ series, we present something pulled direct from the lake, the apparition we call: Hippo-pot-o’-moose

A perfect blend of jungle and forest, this “I thought we were pals” sensation is an excellent balance of a dash of this in a sprinkle of that.

So go grab your spoon and tuck in your napkin, this is an experience you won’t soon forget.

(Fictionalization. Professional hippo on a closed course. Do not attempt. No moose were harmed in this project. US model shown featuring optional equipment. Not available in all markets.)

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