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Bear in a Chair

Number 28 (XXVIII) in the series. • Created January 2024

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Height: 7.5" (190 mm) | Length: 13.25" (335 mm) | Width: 4.5" (110 mm)

Some people celebrate their birthday all month, others it’s a week or weekend. For this Panda, the fun never stops. Plonked in a big comfy chair and adorned with gifts a plenty, his toughest decision every day is if he wants extra sprinkles or not on his cupcake.

(Tip. Always say yes to extra sprinkles)

With a little spot of tea and a big blow of his horn, birthdays are way more than just a number, it’s a way of life for this big guy.

From the “if a bear craps in the woods, and there’s no one around, does it make a sound “ collection and the “mini cupcakes are just a small version of cupcakes that are smaller versions of cakes” series, we present:

The birthday bear in a chair

Always ready to have butter smooshed on his nose and alert to friends trying to surprise him, Bentley believes birthdays are not just a celebration of him simply existing, rather should be a big tip of the hat to his mother who actually achieved something significant and impressive on the day.

(Thanks moms everywhere for doing the hard part. And usually getting the cake)

So set aside the debates of what’s the best type of birthday cake (it’s ice cream) and what bear is best (That’s a ridiculous question.) (False. Black bear) and let’s just all agree with Bentley that we should all find a reason to celebrate being alive each and every day. 🥳

Ps: if you ever wondered what you’re supposed to do or say after people have sung you happy birthday. Chime in with “and many more 🎵“ at the end, then smile, hi-5 everyone, and blow the candles out.

Also, it’s proper etiquette for the birthday person to cut the cake and hand out the slices, and ignore anyone who says “just a small piece for me”. It’s a big piece for everyone dammit, here’s your plastic fork, and enjoy.

One more thing, it’s my birthday this month. Go team Aquarius!! ♒️

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