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Baby roundlings

Number 20 (XX) in the series. • Created September 2023

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Height: 0.75" (39 mm)  | Length: 4.25" (109 mm) | Width: 4.25" (109 mm)

So I didn’t want to scratch my duck table so I made coasters, but what do I make now to protect these?

From the “they are just painted round wood disks, keep your excitement to a dull roar” collection, we present this recently hatched companion set of matching coasters we call: Baby roundlings

Thick enough to cast doubt on their actual effectiveness, this set can be used with the duck table or any surface worth protecting

Designed to help prevent burn marks, water rings, scratches, scuffs, abrasions, nicks, dents, stains, holes, and an assortment of hot nacho cheese related accidents … use these with cautious optimism.

Note: This set of 5, is actually a set of 4 and a solo coaster (or two sets of 2 and a single ) (or 5 sets of 1) Life is complicated, so is coaster math.

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