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Duck in a truck ornaments

Number 25 (XXV) in the series. • Created November 2023



Still depressed because Swiss chalet stopped giving Toblerone with their Festive special? Have your tinsel in a tizzy since you discovered Rudolf didn’t really want to play reindeer games anyway? Well time to jump start your jollies and unpack the holly because, yes the Fat Man is coming to town and he’s bringing ornaments !!!

From the “duck the halls” collection and the “mommy did more than kiss Santa” series, we seasonally present:

Duck in a truck ornaments

This festive flock of 10 evergreen adornments brings new meaning to the concept of it’s the thought that counts. Handcrafted by the Guinness certified world's biggest elf, no tree is complete without this tiny recreation of Fiddler’s Folk Art (self-proclaimed) classic

Fuelled by candy corn, roast beast, and myrrh, each ornament comes complete with a space-age-inspired hook for easy tree trimming and is built Ford tough to withstand any feline swatting.

So get the cookies and the Baileys ready for Santa, and make sure you put Frosty back in the freezer when you’re done … the holidays are soon upon us.

Remember, the big man knows if you’ve been naughty or nice (and can read your browser history just to be sure)

No narwhal was harmed in the creation of these ornaments

Ps - I’m petitioning the Christmas Carol council to officially change the lyrics and get rid of the lords a-leaping and make it be

🎶 On the 10th day of Christmas my true love gave to me … 10 ducks in trucks !! 🎶

Who’s with me??? Anyone? Anyone ? Bueller? Bueller?

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