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Chick in a box ornaments

Number 26  (XXVI) in the series. • Created November 2023



Did you ever wonder what would happen If Colonel Sanders and Mary Brown had each other as secret Santa’s? Or if a poultry farmer ran out of Quality Street or Pot of Gold Chocolates to bring to seasonal get togethers?

Wonder no more

From the “do you want fries with that?” collection and the “can we just agree on the rules for Yankee swap, and move on” series, we Novemberly present:

Chick in a Box

This cluster cluck of 10 ornaments are so wonderful, they’d make the little drummer boy miss a beat and cause George Bailey to seriously reconsider all his life choices. Yes they are just that darn great.

Adorned with all the festive colours, these terrific tree hangers definitely reinforce the fact that it is the most wonderful time of the year, and if they don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy

From Sandburg Austria , to Timber Lake Nova Scotia, to Rockefeller Plaza in the Big Apple, every one would be happy to receive this Chick in a box ornament.

This collection also answers the age of question, what do tree ornaments taste like? (Chicken) And why did the chicken cross the road ? ( to get in the box)

Popeyes and Dixie Lee could not be reached for comment. St Hebert i’m still deciding on what coleslaw I want.

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