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Croc Rocket

Number 24 (XXIV) in the series. • Created November 2023

Comission Piece 

When you want to hit the open road but don’t want to hurt your hand, there’s nothing like a well stroked engine to get your cold blooded reptilian heart pumping.

From the “I’m having a wheelie good time I’ll be home later” collection and the “tales from the world’s smallest biker gang” series we present:

Croc Rocket

Some may see an Alligator fresh off the couch seeking to be an easy rider, or a dandy opportunity to jump over the fountains of Caesar Palace. At Fiddlers Folk Art , we prefer a more Global viewpoint.

It’s about not focusing on the destination , rather just enjoying the ride. (i.e. I’m going out for milk, see you in 5 hours. And arriving home without milk but a bag of all dressed chips and a half pound of butter )

So whether you’re born to be wild, or it’s a more recent development, remember, (especially if you’re an alligator) to always ride with your crocs in sport mode.

(Commission piece conceived with love, a sprinkling of serendipity and a collective fear of artificial grass)

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