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Schnauzer in trousers

Number 27 (XXVII) in the series. • Created December 2023

Not Available for Sale 

Height: 14" (356 mm) | Length: 4.5" (110 mm) | Width: 5" (127 mm)

Not sure what to wear in the dog days of summer. Was it raining cats and dogs and you stepped in a poodle and you need to change? For wardrobe advice of all types turn to this classy canine of good lineage.

With the fashion sense of Yves Saint Bernard and Dolce & Grrrbbana; and the keen sense of direction of The Littlest Hobo, this pooch delivers top tips that are always newsworthy.

From the “put that in your pipe and smoke it” collection and the “is that kibble in your pocket or are you just happy to see me” series, we humbly present:

Schnauzer in trousers

No outfit would be compleat without slacks that slap. These patent pending pants prove you can be both a boss and a bitch.
Perfect for a day at the kennel or night out clubbing with your pack, these trousers are made with wrinkle-resistant and breathable fabric so your closest pals (or random mutts) can still sniff your butt with ease.

Ruff day at work? Annoyed by squirrels? Tired of chasing cars with no success? Has eating your own vomit lost its appeal? These pants are a perfect pick me up and proof positive the old adage “people don’t make passes at dogs that wear glasses” is completely wrong.

On a personal note, this was made as a surprise gift for my mother this Christmas. My mother and late father had a miniature schnauzer named Deacon. Dad and Mom sure loved that little dog. This creation is inspired by and in honour of him.

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