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Beakenstien Table

Number 18 (XVII ) in the series. • Created September 2023

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Height: 20.25" (515 mm)  | Length: 17" (432 mm) | Width: 11" (280 mm)

From the “we’re going to need a bigger boat” collection and in honour of Apple deciding to stop autocorrecting everyone’s favorite swear word with “duck”, we give you the monstrosity we call

The Beakenstien Table

This 19 inch tall and very heavy solid wood creation is a testament to discovery, failure, resilience, and the unwavering desire to have more ducks in my room. Big ducks.

Perfectly designed to hold beverages, small plates, chalices and odd shaped ramekin, count on this table to never lead you afowl.

Like most of my creations, I was figuring this out as I went. I guess you can say I “winged it”.

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