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Giraffahat Rack

Number 18 (XVII ) in the series. • Created September 2023

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Height: 74" (1880 mm)  | Length: 380" (109 mm) | Width: 29" (736 mm)

If you ever thought “Here’s your 🧢 hat what’s your hurry?” , put your Sudoku book down, you might wanna pay attention to this.

From the "Look up Look waaaaaaay up and I’ll call Rusty" collection, Fiddler’s Folk Art is proud to present Giraffahat Rack.

Nope, not a moose with a disc problem, rather your garden variety, 6 foot long neck, giraffe, wearing a souvenir cap from his favourite theme park.

The antlers are a perfect place for hats, touques, tams, helmets, fedoras, bonnets, berets, chapeaus, sou’westers, and tiny vests.

Perfect for the entry way of any home, or use it as place to hang your clothes, so you can move your elliptical back to the garage.

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