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Little Louis

Not available for sale 

Number 30 (XXX) in the series. • Created February 2024

When you have a special champagne-worthy event you want to remember, you can take a photo - or save the cork and carve a clam

After all, nothing says love more than a boot-wearing ocean creature. Especially one not unhinged (he has one)

From the “ it’s pronounced chowdah“ collection and the “happy as a … ” series, we lovingly present:

Little Louis

Sporting heart-adorned boots in honour of Saint Valentine’s Day, his skinny legs allow him to stand tall and proud and also scamper to the closest spa for a little me time. It’s ok to pamper yourself and be a little shellfish from time to time.

Btw the Piper-Heidsieck champagne 🍾 is special day toastworthy (and all other bread products worthy as well)

Cheers to those you love near and far. And remember hugs are free but can make someone feel like a million bucks

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