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Crocodile on a Laundry Pile 

Number 23 (XXI) in the series. • Created October 2023

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Height: 7.5" (190 mm) | Length: 13.25" (335 mm) | Width: 4.5" (110 mm)

When you look at your bright whites and colours and shrug “see ya later separator” you know you’re the master of your laundry domain, Queen of your castle, and/or King of the county.

From the “yes those jeans do make you look fat” collection, and the “now I know why none of my socks match” series, we present:

Laundry pile on a crocodile 🧺 🐊

Just when you thought hanging your clothes on your elliptical was the pinnacle of wardrobe wonkiness, along comes this bird-brained confabulation.

This croc-infested, hosiery hamper is made much more manageable thanks to Charles (yup the duck) being in charge.

Finally, “ring around the collar” will taunt you no more.

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